November 7, 2023

Soft skill strategies from everyday soft skill masterminds.

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That’s Where I’m At Podcast With Host Laura Richards
“This show is for women still in the middle of the mess, but showing up bravely as they heal.”


“What Are The Difficulties Of Being A Female Repair Tech?
I did get some resistance. Since I was a younger female–I’m 34 now–people would see me getting out of the Mr Appliance truck and look at me cross-eyed. I even doubted myself. When I was still learning the job I had to learn to have confidence in myself, even when customers lacked confidence in me. I just fixed one machine at a time, and felt stronger after each one. There is a lot of personal gratification and self-esteem when you fix a machine and a doubting customer says, “Thank you.” A positive attitude and drive get you a long way.”
Tanna Marino

“Reality TV Gives a Small Franchise  PR Boost”
Jason Daley
Entrepreneur Magazine
September 20, 2013


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