Soft skill strategies are power strategies.

As an employer/manager, you can influence employees to collaborate with each other.

As an individual, you can influence coworkers to treat you positively.


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2 Short & Sweet Self-Study Courses


Collaboration Up / Toxic Gossip Down
(Rewards Up / Losses Down)

Wherever you are in your workplace,
you can take at least some control to reduce the incivility of toxic gossip.

Toxic gossip can cost companies $14,000 per employee.

Toxic gossip increases legal costs and compliance risks.

Toxic gossip causes major health problems.


Course Videos:


Course presenter’s background and research

Good, bad, & ugly gossip

Definition of gossip based on decades of research

Gossip in the workplace

Gossip Characteristics #1

Gossip Characteristics #2

Gossip Characteristics #7

Gossip Characteristics #8

Gossip Cells

Gossip Ears Networking

After you finish the course, you will have lifetime access to simple & effective strategies:

Encouraging good gossip, 8 strategies with 11 real world examples

Discouraging bad gossip, 7 strategies with 9 real world examples + more

Short-circuiting ugly gossip, 7 strategies with 10 real world examples

Connecting Gossip Cells, 4 strategies with 6 real world examples

Gossip Ears Networking, 8 strategies with 12 “listen for’s” and 1 “chat for”

Bonus #1: No quizzes

Bonus #2: Resources for success

Bonus #3: Occasional emails announcing new real world examples, new resources, and new strategies for success


Career Advancement Up / Career Backlash Down
(Loyalty Up / Stereotypes Down)

Glass ceilings are the backlash of stereotypes.
Inviting loyalty can break the stereotypes that build glass ceilings.

Learn how to create Invitation For Loyalty Plans
to limit backlash from someone who stereotypes you.

Return whenever you need a new Invitation for Loyalty Plan
to limit backlash.


Glass ceilings exist for:

All women

Men of color

Sensitive men

Workers who are the ‘wrong’ age

People with the ‘wrong’ upbringing


Workplace violence can happen when:

3 different beliefs about circumstances create anger.

Course Videos:


3 groups of people

Moments that satisfy

Stereotypes and glass ceilings

Feelings that trigger workplace violence

Your DISC behavior style

Natural Behaviors

Backlash Bewares

Benefit Behaviors

With You Invites: Behavior Style moments of dignity

Your Spranger guiding value

Natural Behaviors

Backlash Bewares

Benefit Behaviors

With You Invites: Guiding value moments of passion

During the course Paula explains 2 successful Invitation To Loyalty Plans:

Paula opened a supervisor’s slammed door on one job. The supervisor went from being angry with Paula to laughing with Paula.

On a different job, a colleague warned Paula to never be alone with an angry coworker because she was afraid the angry coworker would physically attack Paula. Their supervisor erased the threat with simple & effective soft skill strategies.

After you finish the course you will have lifetime access to all of these simple & effective strategies:

DISC Behavior Style Backlash Bewares, 12 not to dos

DISC Behavior Style Benefit Behaviors, 12 strategies

DISC Behavior Style Moments Of Dignity With You Invites, 24 invites

Spranger Guiding Value Backlash Bewares, 18 not to dos

Spranger Guiding Value Benefit Behaviors, 18 strategies

Spranger Guiding Value Moments of Passion With You Invites, 36 invites

Bonus #1: No quizzes

Bonus #2: Resources for success

Bonus #3: Occasional emails announcing new real world examples, new resources, and new strategies for success


Both courses explain the importance of bystanders
with real world examples of bystander power.

Using soft skill strategies proves to bystanders
that you have social competence,
one of the 2 core competencies of emotional intelligence.


Both courses are short & sweet.   

The video segments total about 60 minutes and are mostly stories to help you understand soft skill power.

Between video segments are story forms so you can fill in details from your own life.

The story forms are also short & sweet.


Both courses presented by

Paula M. Kramer

Master’s in Communication

Soft Skills Mastermind



Paula started influencing people at age 18 with her first 2 gossip power strategies. She learned some strategies from other people, but still invents strategies as opportunities arise. Over the years, her influence power from soft skill strategies has brought her these successes:


Support for the various editions of the book Paula first wrote as a grad school independent study project.
From Pyramids To Circles: Shaping Groups To Succeed

The new revision will include a chapter about the spectacularly successful county Paula lives in.
A major organization in the county plans to promote that new edition.


Support for making her amateur passion documentary,
Renewing Energies: The Ingredients For Spectacular Success
(Figuring out where to put this video for free viewing.)

Making this documentary taught Paula how to attract unforeseen success to herself.
These courses teach you to attract unforeseen success to yourself.


An invitation to produce her own TV show.
Relationship Reckoning,
for worldwide Boss Ladies TV network.

This is an unforeseen success Paula attracted to herself with soft skill power strategies.

Relationship Reckoning will be on an international network
giving Paula the ability to market all of her books
— including From Pyramids To Circles
to a worldwide audience for free.

One success on top of another.


Paula faced glass ceilings as:

A woman

A disabled person living with invisible pain from of a misdiagnosed spinal injury

A single mother when my husband died while our daughter was a baby

Too young

Too old


Paula broke both stereotypes and glass ceilings to become:

An international speaker at age 50, adding to my international speaking resume from my late 60s on.

An international bestselling author for the first time at age 70.

An international TV producer at age 71.


Stereotypes About You that Build Glass Ceilings

You face more stereotypes than you realize.

Stereotypes are the building blocks of glass ceilings.

See the stereotypes about you in the blog posts that fit your life. Each blog post includes Points to Ponder:

Negative Stereotypes Behind Bad & Ugly Gossip: People In General

Negative Stereotypes Behind Bad & Ugly Gossip: Workplaces

Negative Stereotypes Behind Bad & Ugly Gossip: Romance

Negative Stereotypes Behind Bad & Ugly Gossip: Ethnic, National, & Racial Identities

Negative Stereotypes Behind Bad & Ugly Gossip: Poverty

You probably won’t be able to break every stereotype and every glass ceiling in your life.

But you won’t be able to break any stereotype or any glass ceiling unless you know how to break them.

You always have control with one particular group of people. Take advantage of that control to invite unforeseen success to yourself.


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