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Remedy revenge can reduce anxiety and depression. We can become anxious and depressed when we feel we have no control. Remedy revenge is a way of taking small amounts of control. Even if your anxiety and depression come from your personal life, taking small amounts of control in your professional life can reduce your anxiety and depression. I speak from experience.

I’ve been taking remedy revenge for decades. Remedy revenge soothes my soul. Knowing I’m making the world more positive for other people helps me overcome the horrors of my childhood. I’m stopping toxic words and actions instead of making the world more negative the way petty revengers do. They are more likely to become more positive themselves if their worlds become less negative.

Remedy revenge creates positive outcomes:

Ending toxic words and actions

Creating justice for yourself and others

Inviting support from bystanders

Petty revenge creates negative outcomes:

Damaging careers

Humiliating bosses, coworkers, and customers

Inviting backlash from bystanders

I intentionally thought up 2 soft skill strategies when I was 18 years old on my first full time job. Both strategies were successful. Both were behind the backs of the people speaking toxic words. I have since witnessed other people use the same 2 strategies. I assume the other people used the strategies for the same reason I did, to remedy wrongs in positive ways. We took remedy revenge.

I’ve learned only a few strategies from other people. Most of them I thought up on my own. A good number of people thought up many of the strategies I use on their own, evidence that remedy revenge is widespread. I haven’t seen people use many of my other strategies, possibly because I’m a mastermind at creating strategies to fit situations. You can learn to be a soft skills mastermind creating strategies that fit the situations in your life.

Remedy revenge is the safe revenge to take. A few of the examples from the BuzzFeed article below are remedy revenge, but most of them are petty revenge. Read the comments to the article so you understand how petty revenge invites backlash. The petty revengers might think they get away with their pettiness, but that doesn’t mean other people won’t find out. People like the commenters could take revenge on petty revengers in the same way the petty revengers take revenge — behind their backs.


Real World Examples Of Ending Toxic Words & Actions

BuzzFeed, Example #25

“I worked at a Bob Evans several years ago in a medium sized college-town and had the worst general manager. To make a long story short, she had major anger issues. I was aware of this very shortly after I was hired and knew that eventually, I would become the target of her rage. The assistant manager felt appropriately protective of me in this regard. Crap hit the fan hard when I didn’t come in for my Mother’s Day shift. There was a misunderstanding because I usually had Sundays off, and the manager went off on me. My assistant manager secretly recorded approximately 11 minutes of the confrontation, making sure to keep the screen black. I was aware of this, and happily let him roll. Two months later he quit, and I followed three weeks later. Once he heard I left, he posted the video to YouTube and tagged corporate in it with the caption, ‘And they wonder why they can’t keep help with managers like this.’”

“The company tried to get the video removed three separate times, but nobody was visually implicated in the video, so YouTube let it stay up. Corporate eventually investigated and asked the employees who still worked there exactly how the work environment was. They did not hold back. The general manager ended up getting court mandated anger management classes. The video completely froze her managerial career as she was unable to even transfer out as a condition of her not immediately being fired. So worth it.” —Anonymous, 27


Paula M. Kramer Example

Because medical professionals misdiagnosed my childhood spinal injury for 33 years, I had no dental care for 22 years. I now have a full upper denture.

Some years ago, I started feeling something like a scratch in the top of the denture. I could see a tiny scratch when I looked at it. I just kept wearing it and eating normally until my next dentist appointment. By then, the scratch had deepened and split. When I told my dentist about the split, he looked at my denture. His immediate response was that it looked like a knife cut. He asked me if I had dropped a knife on my denture.

Picture that in your mind.

Was the denture lying in the sink or on the counter when I dropped a knife on it?

Did I hold the knife about my head before I dropped it?

Was my denture lying on the floor when I dropped a knife on it?

Did I hold the knife high or low before I dropped it?

I wrote a letter to the CEO of the dental clinic. In the letter I put some of the blame on myself. I said I had forgotten to tell the dentist that I started feeling a scratch months before the crack split. But I also said I was upset that the dentist would immediately blame me with a bizarre response. I did not use the word ‘bizarre’ in my letter, but I made it clear that the dentist’s response was bizarre.

The CEO showed my letter to my dentist. He was polite to me after that — until he took a position at a different clinic.


Real World Examples Of Creating Justice For Yourself & Others

BuzzFeed, Example #42

“I worked in a male-dominated industry and I found it difficult to have my voice heard. I asked for certain further education which was promised but never materialized. When production officially began and I started punching a time clock, I was never paid for the time before or after my ‘official’ shift. I was expected to be there to open the building as I was given keys. I was also expected to hang around after work to meet and talk with other department heads. I made several complaints to the HR department about this missing time. I even mentioned it to the owner. The response every time was, ‘I’ll look into it.’ I spoke to other managers and found out they also were not paid for that missing time. I complained again, and I was fired shortly after for my ‘performance.’ Before I filed for unemployment, I called the Department of Labor and tipped them that the company was withholding due wages.”

“They were investigated, fined, and made to comply with labor laws. 53 people and all future employees benefited from that phone call. Mess with me, please!”

—Anonymous, 35


Paula M. Kramer Example

My bank account received a deposit it shouldn’t have received. I repeatedly told the bank to return the money. Instead, the bank held onto the money for a few days, then moved it into a long term hold for investigation.

I filed a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The bank returned the deposit within 24 hours. I read reviews of the bank and saw that it frequently ignored customer instructions about deposits, putting the money into long term holds. I wrote my own review, telling my story about getting the money returned within 24 hours by filing a complaint with the OCC.

I no longer have an account with that bank. Every time I see its name, I wonder how many customers have filed complaints with the OCC to create justice for themselves.


Real World Examples Of Inviting People To Speak Up For You

Paula M. Kramer Example

People will speak up for you when they see positivity in your words and actions.

When I was 66 years old, 2 people decided I was too old to have a successful career.

My community mortgage banker suddenly started stereotyping me. Because of my back pain, he had helped me stay in my house for 15 years. He suddenly stereotyped me, suggesting I should move into senior county housing. He was willing to let a split trunk hollow tree fall on my house and/or on passersby instead of giving me a home equity loan. Since I live next to a park, many of the passersby were children.

I contacted a local nonprofit that helps low income people with small business loans. The supervisor in charge refused to give me a $2500 loan because of ‘concern’ about my age. I am 72 years old as I write this. Whenever possible, I respond to social media comments with these examples and what I have accomplished in my 70s. Everyone cheers me on.

I contacted SexyCoolLounge international podcast host Jimmy IV about using his podcast as a resource for my self-study courses and possibly appearing as a guest on his show. I teach people to use soft skills strategies with others. His podcast teaches people to use soft skill strategies with themselves. I want people to know they deserve the unimagined success they attract with soft skill power strategies.

Jimmy IV was pleased to hear from me and happy to interview me. When I told him that the interview would take place on my 72nd birthday, Jimmy IV was thrilled. He wanted me to be certain to say my age during the interview so people in their 40s and 50s could know that success can continue as we age. Now people around the world are cheering me on.

See Attracting Unimagined Success story #23.

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