My life has been horrific. I cope with the horrors by doing what I can to end or prevent horrors for other people.

I want as many people as possible to learn my soft skill power strategies for improving relationships and attracting unimagined success.

Attracting unimagined success for ourselves can bring more success to our communities, our workplaces, our countries, and our world.

One of those successes could be peace.

Everyone benefits from peace.

Please join me in attracting peace.


Positive Vibe Uprisings

No one changes the world by focusing on the big world. Muhammad didn’t. Jesus didn’t. Gandhi didn’t. Mandela didn’t. Malala didn’t. They all focused on changing the small worlds of the people around them, who then changed the small worlds of the people around them, and so on, and so on.

Let’s create positive vibe uprisings that move ordinary people from powerless to powerful.

I went from silenced voice (powerless) to international voice (powerful) by using soft skill power strategies to attract unimagined success. I attract unimagined success by seeing the possibility for opportunity in everyone I meet.

I try to start conversations wherever I go. I post examples of my opportunity conversations at Soft Skills Are Power Skills and Olympians Of Opportunity on Facebook.

I’m collecting examples of how to invite / attract conversations for people who are uncomfortable starting conversations themselves.

I’m suggesting we create positive vibe uprising at local levels. When several people in the same location attract interconnected successes, they can work together to create positive change. Creating positive change at local levels will create positive change at national levels, then at the world level. We would be following the examples of Muhammad, Jesus, Gandhi, Mandela, and Malala in creating small world change that grows to big world change.

If you’re not already using soft skill power strategies, learn how to use them to attract the  unimagined successes that can move you from powerless to powerful at your local level.


Become A Grant Beneficiary

I hope to make enough money from my courses to set up an organization for helping people and groups create effective and sustainable solutions for local issues. Creating success at local levels all around the world would eventually create more success for the big world.

I’m collecting examples of dream team formulas, paths to spectacular success, and solutions for success. I’m still formulating what grant proposals would require, but a dream team formula, a path to spectacular success, a solution for success. and a plan for using the spectacular success ingredients will be among the requirements. Paths and solutions can be hybrid and should be adapted to local circumstances. Proposals will have to include a plan for sustaining the success. Applicants who want to go into a different region or country must have local people on the dream teams at all times. A mix of outsiders and locals is acceptable as long as the dream team includes at least 3 locals.

Participation in my soft skill strategy course is also a requirement. I will donate money only to people who know how to use soft skill power strategies for attracting unimagined success. See the screenshot of my LinkedIn post below so you understand the kind of people and organizations I refuse to support.

I will make money from the courses, but I prefer happy smiles over fancy cars or clothes or jewelry. I look for the kind of smile I gave a little blonde girl in a laundromat. I tell that story in a SexyCoolLounge podcast interview.

Episode 87

I look forward to the smiles I can enjoy through your unimagined successes that take you from powerless to powerful where you live. It will take time to go from powerless to powerful, but you will remain powerless until you start seeing the possibility for opportunity in everyone.

Have a smiling day!
Paula M. Kramer


LinkedIn Post About People Not Changing The World

The resource website is Smiles Spark Success.

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