December 10, 2023

Real world examples of bystander actions for or against
people, groups, and organizations.

You are always in control of the invitations you send to bystanders,
loyalty invitations or backlash invitations.

New examples are added at the bottom of each section.


Bystander Actions For…


“A Nashville senior was banned from prom for a suit, so a local business stepped in”
Jaclyn Diaz
April 25, 2023


Job Opportunities

At an NBA playoff game, Nickleodeon CEO Geraldine Laybourne found herself seated next to Michael Ovitz, president of Walt Disney. She knew who he was but had not met him. Ovitz was at the game with his son Eric. Laybourne had a conversation with Eric. Six months later, Ovitz called Laybourne and asked her to be president of Disney/ABC Cable Networks. Laybourne accepted and became an even more powerful woman in broadcasting. Ovitz called Laybourne because of the conversation she had with Eric.


Free front row seats to a Prince concert

Bystander Actions Against…


In 1998, terrorists bombed the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. U.S. FBI agents teamed up with Nairobi police officers to find the bombers.

A suspect was traced to the Ramadan Hotel. He stood out for a number of reasons:

He was an Arab in a Somali area, an area that Nairobi police avoided because it was dangerous.

He had no money, no travel documents, no luggage, but he did have new clothing.

He frequently used a pay phone, calling for money and documents.

The FBI / Nairobi police team was looking for “a guy who didn’t fit in,’ but they had no description or name.

Police members from the team went inside the Ramadan Hotel while FBI Special Agent Stephen Gaudin stayed in the car.

“All of a sudden, someone walks up to the car, his back to it like this, and I couldn’t see his face. He just leaned in the window and, like, ‘Listen, the guy that you’re looking for, he’s not in this hotel anymore. He’s now moved up to a hotel around the corner called the Iftin Lodge.’ He walked into the crowd and I never see him again.”

The police members of the team go into Iftin Lodge and come out with the Arab guy who didn’t fit in.

“Dress Rehearsal: The Rise of Al Qaeda”
FBI True
December 19, 2023
CBS Network


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