October 31, 2023

Real world examples of gossip ears networking.

New examples are added at the bottom of the list.


4 Reasons to Dump Your Doctor—Now

4. She has a rude staff.
“I can tell what kind of care I’m getting the minute I walk into a doctor’s office, says Lipkin. “The attitude of the staff mirrors the attitude coming from the top.” If the receptionist is obnoxious, it’s a sign that the doctor is trying to get people in and out as quickly as possible.

(Pamela R. Lipkin, New York plastic surgeon)

“Advice docs give their own families”
Halle Levine
Redbook Magazine
November 2002: pages 64+70-72.


If you are a business owner or manager, consider different perspectives. If you don’t, you could create a lose/lose situation. Lynne Curry provides an excellent example.

“Your GM’s decision negatively impacts employee morale. Some employees may quit because of it. Others may feel baffled and disappointed and talk negatively about your restaurant. As a result, some of their family members and friends won’t eat at your restaurant. Others won’t apply for jobs there. She’s created a lose/lose.

What can you do? You can shake off your disappointment, and continue to work hard at your current job so you have a good employee track record, and find a better job.”

“Can Our Manager Take Away a Promised Perk?”
Lynne Curry
Workplace Coach Blog
April 5, 2021


“The Oshkosh Area School Board will post a notice next week that it’s accepting proposals for a new banking partner.

Some board members are upset over how the district’s newly hired assistant superintendent was treated by Associated Bank while attempting to cash his very first paycheck.

Back in July, Dr. Sam Coleman says he was turned away at the counter with no explanation while attempting to cash his paycheck at the Associated Bank branch on West 20th Avenue in Oshkosh, the same bank the check is drawn on.

Bank officials would later admit, in a conversation Coleman recorded, that they violated their own policy in not cashing the check. At no time during the transaction did the bank attempt to ask for ID or verify the check with the school district.

Coleman believes his race might have been a factor. District officials say their account at Associated Bank is worth more than $250 million.

“What happened to Dr. Coleman at Associated Bank is inexcusable, and I just want to go on the record as saying that, that is, in fact, the reason why I suggested we switch banks,” said Stephanie Carlin, a member of the Oshkosh Area School Board.”

“Oshkosh Area School Board to accept proposals for a new banking partner”
Jason Zimmerman
GreenBay-Appleton WBAY-TV


“To maximize Return on Customer a company needs to optimize the mix of short-term profit and long-term value created. But it’s difficult for most firms to think like this because they’re so focused on acquiring new customers—any new customers—and protecting quarterly revenues, (An example: A video store refused to accept the return of a damaged DVD from a friend of ours, a longtime customer, without a receipt—even though its own electronic records confirmed her purchase. Result: It saved the cash it would have had to refund on that purchase but lost perhaps a hundred times that amount in customer lifetime value.)”

“Customers Don’t Grow on Trees”
Don Peppers
Martha Rogers
Fast Company Magazine


“I can afford Apple, but this kind of dismissive arrogance makes me never want their products,” another user wrote.”

“Tim Cook Gives flippant ‘buy an iPhone’ response to complaints about Apple’s inoperability with Android”
Jacob Seitz
Daily Dot
September 8, 2022


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