September 17, 2023

Satisfying Physical, Mental, & Emotional Dominance Needs

High D Dominance people are outgoing and task-oriented.
They need productive actions.


Natural Behaviors

Taking control of a situation to get certain results

Taking control of people in a situation to get certain behaviors

Impatience with others when they don’t get results fast enough


Backlash Bewares

Trying to force results from people who want different results

Trying to force actions from people who object to those actions

Ignoring what people say they need to get results


Benefit Behaviors

Discovering what results other people want and finding ways to combine the results others want with the results they want.

Discovering what people need to get specific results

Identifying individual needs in situations:

Self-starters who need autonomy

Followers who need step-by-step guidelines

Forward lookers and security seekers who need to know how your results will create success for them


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