September 17, 2023

Satisfying Time, Money, & Energy Usefulness Passions

Usefulness is a task-oriented passion.

They use their time, money, and energy for gaining the highest return.



Natural Behaviors

Seeing pleasantness or unpleasantness in people and objects

Spending money for short term and long term self-preservation

Seeking power over people and nature to satisfy what they feel they need for self-preservation


Backlash Bewares

Assessing other people only for their current ability to provide resources, ignoring everything else about them.

Expecting efficiency from other people regardless of their situations

Failing to recognize that nature can bite back


Benefit Behaviors

Being polite and respectful to everyone, even people who seem unfavorable in the present

Developing purpose, proaction, and perseverance radar for recognizing people on paths to success

Rocognizing that nature has more power than humans



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